Frida or not?

Most mixed media artists love the work of Frida Kahlo. The vibrancy and strength she had to live a physically difficult life and the challenges she faced as a creative are an inspiration to many.

The Artsisters asked if I would show them how I painted my Frida with flowing up hair filled with flowery paper and napkin collage.

This technique is familiar to many mixed media artists. Filling the journal page with collage, drawing in the image, in this case a face, and painting over the background so the beautiful colourful collage shows up in the unpainted areas.

My Frida was inspired by one of  Jane Davenport’s  lessons, however  I used a face stencil which I cut on my Zing cutter from an original sketch of my own.

I provided each of my students with one of these stencils to help them develop the correct face and feature proportions. Drawing a face can be quite a challenge for many artists and some never try. Breaking the process down into simple steps and using a stencil or tracing is not cheating! Eventually the correct proportions will be understood and many beautiful portraits will follow.

Some of my ladies had never painted a mixed media face before. All of them were very pleased with their results.

Below are their own Frida’s!  Monobrows or not? Enjoy.


by Julie.


Alien Drum Majorette by Joan


by Lena.


by Cath
by Tracy


by Liz


Doll Face by Joan (practice piece)


by Harjeet (practise piece)


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